Thursday, March 23, 2006

4 Corners

I have just watched Four Corners on ABC tv. It was about crystal meth, or ice if you like. On the odd occasion, I have had a look at gay 'personal' adverts. In some I see a phrase 'chem friendly' or 'meth friendly'. I have not experienced either but I could not say that I am not virginal about drugs totally. I have a little understanding but these ones really scare me. I know full well what the effect is and it troubles me a lot.

For you who may have been p***ed occasionally, drugs are nothing like that. If you drink too much, you eventually go to sleep for a long time and wake up feeling awful. Most chemical drugs are very different to this. You can often function fairly well. But there are no rules. Some are bad and some affect people really badly.

Here are four people I know, well knew, who were badly affected. The last I am still friends with.

One I met at a social gathering. He was on crutches. You may have heard how some people think they can fly after taking some drugs. Exactly what this guy thought he could do and leapt from the upper floor at what then was 3 Faces and broke his legs. He was remarkably accepting of his idocy and not the least emabarassed.

How about an ex co worker who went to Mardi Gras and took god knows what (probably the above) and f***ed almost non stop for three days. He ended up in hospital with exhaustion.

The worst was someone who I was quite fond of in a friendly way. He was my hairdresser for about ten years. Singapore born and quite innocent when he first arrived in Australia in his early twenties. My appointment was for 10.30 am. Fortunately he could cut hair on instinct because he was in no state to think about it. His b/f had tried to cool/come him down and was now on the receiving end of a tirade of abuse. He swore at him, he abused him, talked about this evil person in the third person, sprayed spittle all over me and continued to cut my hair. It was a bad experience and I confess that I was a bit upset afterwards. I did not think I could go back but R convinced me that I should. I was glad he did as hairdresser was fine the next time and semi apologized but it was never quite the same after that and I think that was the last time I went. We have both moved on now.

Royrage. That aggressive, nasty and rude behaviour when you take steroids for body building. One person I know has suffered from that. At least he was together enough to tell me what was happening, kind of an apology in advance, and that it was better if we did not communicate while he was in such a state.

I never thought I would be moralising old aunty, but gosh, the proof is in the pudding for me. So kiddies, try your drugs if you must, but make sure it is a good experience, not only for yourself, but for those around you.

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