Monday, February 13, 2006


Vietnam is a marvellous place, truly wonderful. The people are free and happy and becoming prosperous. I urge you all to visit. We had a wonderful holiday there. It is governed by the best and most progressive government in the whole of South East Asia.

You can use the above. I put this bit below for ease of your editing.

Just curious though, what did I write that aroused your interest? Will I get another visa in the future ok? Oh, and be careful if you take too much notice when I say that I am not very clever with computers. While Excel puzzles me and I don't know what happens in the big box under the table, I have now been using the net for ten years and so pretty knowledgeable in this area and have a long term friend who knows even more.


  1. Vietnamese government department has been checking out my blog. No idea why.

  2. aha ... i wondered what you were on about?

  3. sorry, too subtle and some red herrings. I did write something about Vietnam, but I cannot remember what it was now. If anything, it might have been about the poor bear locked in a cage in the grounds of the old Presidential Palace.