Friday, February 03, 2006

St Kilda Road buildings

This has been a long time in the making, but it is pretty well finished. Maybe this winter when the trees are leafless, I will do Domain Road to Southbank boulevard. There are photos of every building, mostly more than one photo. It is slightly disorganized as an amateur would do and the pics vary a lot in quality and usefulness. I think it is noted on the photo titles, but already two buildings have been demolished and another is about to undergo a significant upgrade and I will take photos of these too.

The last few days have been hard work trying to find a site to host so many pics. So many tries but finally worked it out. I hope there are not severe restrictions on how many people can look at the photos before a limit is imposed. Photo storage sites' help/info areas are very deficient in informing you about limitations.

Do I have favourites? Illoura at 426. The old one of course. It is criminal that it was demolished and replaces with crap that I can look out my window onto. A modern favourite? I like the Metropolis at 480 rather a lot but also the starkness of the Becton building at 470. 490 is the only privately owned house in St Kilda Road. I have exchanged a couple of emails with the owner over matters related. He must be seriously rich.

Here are the URLs. If you have a look and have problems, let me know, and correct me where I have made an error.

Eastern Side
Western Side


  1. Ten years ago I worked at 493, and regularly bought lunch from 499. Neither have changed very much.

  2. It is getting on a bit and because of it's lowness, certainly does not maximise a return on the land. I don't mind it though, it is a bit spaceshippy. Expect it to go in a few years. 499 looks like it is clad in corrugated iron.