Wednesday, February 22, 2006

David Irving

He calls himself an historian but I don't think he deserves that title. The idiot denied that the holocaust happened and may be locked up for saying this. I don't have an opinion on whether he should be locked up or not for that, but what an idiot to say historians views should be listened to more and their views respected. Yeah, right, like he is a good example. Idiot. Lock him up Austria, if only because of his stupidity.


  1. If we lock everyone up for their stupidity the jails of the European Province would be full to overflowing. Don't you have headless chicken syndrome down under?

  2. Yep, we do. And?????? What is your point?

  3. I get the feeling that he was sent to prison as much for his arrogance as for his nonsense.

    Austria had previously deported him twice and had banned him from the country.

    But I guess, he thoguht his message was just too important not to be heard in that country.

    I just wish we could ban him from coming back to Britain.