Thursday, February 16, 2006

Crossing the Yarra

It was not always easy to cross the Yarra River as you can see in the pic. The Punt Road Hill does not look nearly as steep as it is.

I had occasion this week to travel across the river into foreign territory, that is Carlton, Brunswick and Fitzroy. I find these areas very interesting, but would I live there? If we sold our modest apartment, I expect we could easily buy a house on that side of town. The locals are certainly friendlier and less, well not pretentious, shall I say less materialistic?

But practically, no, I could not. Apart from the years when I was 4 until 15 or 16 and in the country, I have always lived in the direction of and less than 15 kms from the south bank of the Yarra. The north side of the river is as alien to me as Sydney or other Aussie capital cities. I would adjust, but why would I do it when I confident in my own area? Nope, I am definetely a south side person. It is what I know and am used to and the twain shan't meet for me, except for occasional micro holidays across the Yarra.


  1. I wonder how many people realise why it's called Punt Road?

  2. Don't worry Andrew, we northerners find the preened, sun-kissed, beach-loving antics of you southerners equally bewildering. Strangely, I can't even remember the last time I cross the river. October I think. Probably due for another visit.

    And Daniel, not near enough. Knowledge of most elements of Melbourne's history is pretty shameful at best.

  3. Don't like the beach Russ. I get my tan at the solarium.

    Daniel, I guess people don't think about it. If they did, I think they would quickly work it out.

  4. Anonymous10:33 pm

    This is a famous picture which depicts how Punt Road got its name (punt across the Yarra). It was the only way for many years poor southerners could get home.

    Personally I am the oposite, having always lived north of the Yarra thinking how overpriced property is south of the Yarra given it used to be a swamp.

  5. Well, parts of it were Anon. Where we live is right on the edge of a drained swamp. No, actually, they didn't drain it, they filled it with water and called it Albert Park Lake. But Richmond, which I find interesting, was part swamp too and it is north of the Yarra.

  6. I'm a born and bred southener but I have to admit that these days, I'd much rather live on the north side (when I'm actually living in Melbourne, that is!). It's a much more interesting part of the city.

  7. Interesting.....well Balaclava was interesting but the interesting wore us down. I am sure really you pine to be back in Kia Ora with lovely park land to play in and the trams rumbling past.