Friday, February 24, 2006

Bad news

Due to continuing friction between the body corporate committee and our building manager and his wife who cleans, they have decided to move on after about eighteen months here. They are taking up an in house position at one of the New Quay towers at Docklands for more money and less work. H will not be working there, only her husband. She is relieved to not have the hard work of vacumming carpets.

As I am not on the committee now, I am not priveledged to inside information, but I understand the apartment they are in now is being relet straight away, so maybe we won't have a live in manager.

God knows who we will get. In spite of friction, they were very good for the building and sorted out many outstanding issues and cut out some of the outrageous ripoffs by tradespeople and maintenance companies. Fortunately, we now have a first class, no nonsense body corporate manager.

And, I am going to miss my chats with H. We will have a drink with them before they leave next month and it just occured to me, I can go and meet her for lunch at Docklands sometime and hear the goss about that area and the buildings and of course report to her what is happening here.


  1. When at Docklands lunch and when in doubt ... there is only one option Mecca Bah.

    And no, I have no flag to wave or stuffed brown paper bags to pocket, it's just a good place to nosh.

  2. Hey, it looks fantastic. I will cart R off to there for dinner. Btw, building managers A and H last hailed from Strathmore.