Sunday, February 19, 2006

Another Dame M tale

A lot has happened to this woman and I suppose this story is true. I am not doing research for historical accuracy of details in this post.

We already knew that Dame M was an excellent ice skater in her youth. During the war she often skated at the Glacerium where Melbourne's concert hall now is located. She told us that the Americans used to arrive in large groups and all the Aussie girls would swarm around them upon their arrival. She said that they were so handsome, so well dressed and so rich and prepared to share their generous pay around. Dame M would usually connect with one or two of them and spend the evening skating with them. At the end of the night, she would invariable get a gift of some kind, usually sweets, but she always declined spending more time with them after the skating was over.

It was a normal night's skating with two US soldiers and concluded the same as every other evening, but the next day US soldier Leonski of the Brown Out murders fame committed his last murder and was caught and arrested. His picture must have subsequently been published in the newspaper and to her horror, she realised that he had been her skating partner that very night.

Although Dame M still skated after this close encounter, she made sure that she and her sister always left in time to catch the last train home, instead of often missing it and have to walk home to Ascot Vale.

On one occasion that they walked home a police car stopped and the officers offered them a lift home. Her sister was keen but Dame M refused and kept them walking. Probably a good idea really, but to the cops credit, they shadowed them until they were safely home.

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