Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sydney Transport Pt 3

The nicest aspect to Sydney's transport are the ferries. Big ones, little ones, busy ones, quiet ones, old ones, newer ones. What a lovely way to travel to work. Of course we had to go to Manly for a visit. More ticket trouble.

I did not buy the ticket but R bought some heavily reduced ten trip ticket or something like that, which covered the four of us for a return trip for a lesser price than eight individual return tickets would have cost. While in Melbourne, you can't share a ticket like that, evidently you can on the ferries.

The idea is one person goes through and hands the ticket back to the next person to go through the turnstyle. Fine until the last person tried to go through. The barrier would not open. Shoved the ticket in again, still would not open, try again, and again. Eventually staff indicated to move away from the barrier. There must be a sensor so that it won't open if someone is on the other side. Ok, fine we are all through. Give me the ticket I asked. Sure enough, we had used eight of the trips with the mucking around. We need four to get back.

I saw the ticket person at the other end and he told me to explain when we were returning. We did and did not have to use the ticket at all.

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