Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sydney Transport Pt 2

I knew it was not going to work as I was doing it. You know how as you are doing something and you know it is not right, but you press on.

We were at Kings Cross Station and we wanted to go to Circular Quay via Town Hall Station for some shopping. I bought tickets to Circular Quay. As we went through the ticket barriers at Town Hall, the led said 'Ticket Captured' which is the normal message if your ticket is not for further use. (What do Melbourne's turnstyles say when they keep your ticket???) We sould have stayed withing the station confines if we wanted to go to the Quay. But that would entail two tickets it would seem. We had to buy two anyway, although the first one would have been cheaper to just go to Town Hall.

Ok, I am a pig headed male who won't ask questions of staff. There were plenty around the city too, but not really at the Cross.

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  1. What you nedded was a "Cityhopper" ticket which gives you unlimited rail travel in the area surrounded by Kings Cross, Redfern and North Sydney all day. I've used one myself a couple of times and found it the cheapest and easiest way to get around Central Sydney. From memory they are only about $4-5 dollars for an adult.