Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sydney Transport Pt 1

As previously mentioned, during our visit to Sydney, we used a lot of taxis. We did not have one bad experience. It was usually cheaper and faster. The exception was to get to the centre of town. We always used the train. It might be four minutes by train to Town Hall Station, twenty by taxi. Apart from the first train we caught, they were all air conditioned. They were clean, quiet, comfortable and no graffiti, except for that which was scratched into glass.

Of course we took the o/s rels to Bondi Beach and we caught the train to Bondi Junction, had lunch and then the bus to the beach. You buy one ticket for the whole journey and can break your journey at Bondi Juction.

But what a farce it is. You have a seated train load arriving every fifteen minutes and probably more that half want to go onto Bondi Beach. Packed bus load after bus load. You have no chance of getting straight on the first bus as there will already be a queue of those who could not fit on the last bus.

I heard that the locals did not want the Eastern Suburbs railway to continue to the Bondi Beach as it would attract too many people. Well, news for them, it does anyway and it is a thriving and lively area, unlike the first time I visited in the early eighties. I would describe it as seedy and down at the heel back then.

This situation is ridiculous and needs rememdying promptly. Bugger the tram in the city. The train needs to be extended.

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