Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sydney Buildings

In some ways Melbourne is so terribly different to Sydney. One early morning R and I took off for a long walk around the environs of the Cross, Potts Point, Darlinghurst and there is really nothing like these areas in Melbourne. Flat block after flat block, old and new and in between. Spic and span or neglected. Jammed up against each other. Every space maximised.

We caught a cab to Woolloomooloo for dinner one evening and returned in one as well. We twisted through streets and I knew enough direction that I knew we wern't being cheated. But the cab driver on the way home asked us why we did not just walk up the steps? Sure enough, had we walked down Victoria Street, there are steps down to Wool...forget it. Ok, a bit of walk and excersice on steps, but still. Cab fare total for evening, $20, divided by four, equals $5 each. Most of the time it was cheaper for the four of us to catch a cab to go anywhere.

But where in Melbourne can you get from one suburb to another by climbing some steps?

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