Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The spade is not a spade

We Aussies are proud of the fact that we live in a bribery free society. Even when we are operating overseas in business, we never pay bribes. Federal Minister Ruddock says we do pay 'modest facilitation fees' and they are tax dedcutible for the company paying them. But Australian companies paying bribes, nah. What was the Australian Wheat Board, has paid some 'modest facilitation fees' of a rather large amount. No matter how the Federal Government is implicacted or proved to be involved, nothing sticks.

It is the marginals you see. Hurt them, and the government will lose office. The marginals care not two hoots about corruption overseas by Aussie companies. That is nothing to do with their world or life, ob, house, car, childcare, Chadstone, Ackland Street on Sunday, movies, dvd.

Apologies to those who live in marginals and do care.

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