Friday, January 20, 2006

Polish 404

Log from yesterday when I decided it would be a good idea to hide my ip address.

Search, plenty there, chose one
Install the program, it looks reputable
I see, it uses proxy servers
It must have found a Polish one as I am now in some Polish isp site
I don't want Polish language
Not a great idea, over it
IE will only show a 404 message in Polish, no matter what address is put into the address bar or bookmark clicked on
Try various things, still I can only get Polish 404
Uninstall ip address program
Still Polish 404
I want browser to work so that I can chat to cute guys and check my email
Outlook Express still works, weather stats is not
Now, did I keep Firefox?
Yep, and it works fine
Run adaware, spybot, AVG virus checker. No result
Call Telstra tech support, uninstall IE they said(this is impossible) and reinstall. You have a virus. Tried to reinstall IE but was told I already have it
Happy enough to give Firefox another go. But I don't understand it's bookmark system and I want weather stats to work.
Chat to cute guys via Firefox
Sleep, sort it in the morning
Morning. Everything is still the same. A good rest for the pc fixes nothing
Still IE shows only Polish 404
Am I so stupid to download a malicious program or a virus, probably. It looked reputable
Msconfig shows nothing untoward starting up
Early morning chat with cute guys using Firefox
Have a bit of a good look at Firefox
Check anti IE site using Firefox, it does looks much better
Back of brain works
Reinstall ip hide program
Have a good look at it
Exit search ip hide
IE now works ok and weather stats are back. No more Polish 404
Self flaggelate
Like what a saw at Firefox, there are a couple of issues, but I have worked out it's very superior bookmark system now. I don't always want bookmarks ordered alphabetically though
Will stick with Firefox, R allowing as he will have to get used to it too
Compare anti IE site in IE and Firefox and I really can't see any difference now
But more on screen, big clear buttons, more screen showing, stylishly simple, and fast as
Waiting for Firefox Word


  1. Finally... So, the IP blocker does work?

  2. Maybe. While I don't doubt the program's usefulness to Arab terrorists, it was not for the casual user.