Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Our venerable Prime Minister is seriously in need of some education that comes under a very wanky term, 'clear expression'. I have a vague memory of clear thinking and clear expression from school.........ever so many years ago.

PM Howard thinks that the present teaching of history is not good. I would not know as I have only the slightest connection with anyone in the education system, teacher or student.

Our PM is excellent at communication with the common masses like me, so I am not really sure why he used such double speak. Perhaps it sounds good to prospective voters.

I heard him on the news the other night. He was being critical of the teaching of history in Australian schools. He knows how to do sound bites for the media, so what was it all really about? 'A fragmented stew of themes and issues' and 'structured narrative'.

What is the creep up to?


  1. My GF formerly worked for the History Teachers Association. There's been widespread derision from the industry on Howard's ideas, particularly as there has been a lot of reform in education over the past few decades.

    I tend to agree with whoever it was that said rote learning of dates/events doesn't work, and misses the point of what we can learn from history. Learning from the thoughts, ideas and mistakes of our ancestors is more important than knowing which day of 1788 the First Fleet arrived.

  2. Wise words of course, but it would be nice if they did at least know which year. I am hopelessly behind with newspapers and only finished last Thursday Age today where the edited text of his speech was reprinted. Even in context, it still doesn't make sense.