Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Don't ask me to write your html

I will display my total ignorance of writing code for the internet. I don't even know if that is the correct phrase for making a web page do stuff. I have an idea that the code is called html, although I also have an idea that there are other types.

I made a few changes to my blog page. I added a couple of worthy bloggers and finally filled in my profile details, to a point. I had some difficulty with the blog page edits. Why is
  • showing on the page after adding a blogger. Ignore it and it will go away. I add another and another
  • appears. While I used to quite good at pick the difference in the two almost identical pics and I am not too bad at proof reading, it took a lot of staring at the code to realised I had added something extra and then copied the mistake in the next line.

    That fixed, why won't the last added blog show as linked? Maybe it needs a www in it. Nope, no difference. More staring at the code. href, not herf. Idiot.

    I am not used to to having to be so accurate. I rarely use a spell checker and I am quite happy for typos, spelling and gramatical errors to be published. Well, not in anything important, but for a blog I don't feel it matters too much. If I had to take so much care, I really wouldn't bother with a blog. If it was your private written diary, would you spell check it? I do re-read what I have written thought, because I often leave words out, especially prepositions and conjunctions.

    In case you think I am extremely talented and that I would be an asset to your business, make me an offer, but not to write computer code.
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