Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bare...........Brokeback Mountain

Luckily I had booked as the huge movie theatre at the Rivoli cinema was pretty well full. Five of us went to see it and I thought there may have been more gay people in the audience. But it was mostly your usual Saturday night Rivoli crowd, that is straight middle class couples.

I enjoyed the movie but it was not the sort of movie you would watch a second time. Two of us thought it was a bit long and too slow. They are used to more action type movies. I don't think you can have a fast love story. Maybe it could have done with a trim here and there. First class acting, film work, atmosphere and scenery. Heath Ledger is an odd fish. He seems flighty and nervous in real life but his acting skills are superb. What a restrained perfomance.

A couple of kiddie gays decided to re-enact a wrestling scene in the foyer as they left after the movie. Quite amusing.

But what I was thinking as we walked along Camberwell with the crowd after exiting, was that there would be some very nervous husbands that night who would possibly want to avoid a chat with their curious wives before bed that night. It's ok fellas, we understand.

So, I can recommend the movie if you are not just an action movie person.


  1. Hey Andrew, I'm looking forward to this one. Spunky Jake n all.

    What do you mean by the 'nervous husbands' bit?

  2. You will probably understand after you see the movie. If not, ask me again. Glad you are enjoying South America.