Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sorting out the world

What we know as staying up too late, having too many drinks and talking a lot of ***t is actually called something in the UK.

When criticism comes from any person the next morning or the question arises as to whether we enjoyed the night before, the response is (say it to yourself in an almost rising and falling Scottish accent), ah yeah, we sorted the world out, did we not. A few drinks and we got it sorted.

The previously mentioned statistic regarding the amount of alchohol that English women consume, seems to be quite true. In fact R's sister has someone elses share as well. It is almost a daily trip to the recyling room. Ah well, as the famous bearded media person resident is away, there is plenty of room for the empties.

The sister and bro in law are very nice and we are all getting along well. We have done heaps of stuff with them and proudly shown them our city and its surrounds. They have met our weird collection of friends and particpated in barbies and meals etc. The time has absolutely flown past. Next week Sydney and the following week they leave. Five weeks gone just like that.

There are few things that we have not done and won't fit in which I would have liked to have done. Phillip Island being one, along with Cape Schank amd Portsea. Dinner in Lygon Street another. Bridge Road shopping. Victoria Street, Richmond. Vic Market and the Esplanade Market. But they have and will have seen quite a lot.

They know that the 72 tram takes them to Prahran, along with the bus. The 16 takes them to St Kilda and they can catch any tram home from the city except the number 1 or 8. I would have never known that we live near stop 22, but I had to find out for them and it is now burnt into my brain.

Tomorrow I am not working and we have packed them off on a bus to do the Great Ocean Road. Friday we are doing Puffing Billy and Healsville. But peace and quiet time tomorrow. Nice. Just hope R is in a good mood. He has been very snappy since their arrival. Stressed a bit I suppose.

Just a casual observation, it is a long time since I have been around women when they are getting ready to go out. Boy does it take them some time to get ready. I have known drag queens who can do the lot in less time.

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