Thursday, December 22, 2005

Select R for backwards

Two in one day!!!

Car entering main road from side street sticks nose out into main street traffic lane. Car approaching rapidly with nowhere to go. Side street car puts gears into reverse and slams into the car that had just arrived behind him.

P plate male is in the middle of an intersection waiting to turn right. Light turns red but he was busy chatting to g/f. Traffic starts to move towards him. He panics and reverses backward into a pedestrian who had started to cross the road. Just a bit of bump, but if it was an old person, it may have been the end of them. It wasn't a bump such as is reported in Fijian papers. "A forty year old male was bumped by a motor car in Davies Road, Suva and died at the scene".

Kiddies, you must look behind you when you reverse your motor car.

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