Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Present list or highriser has entered the 21st century

Four Winds by Bryce Courtney. Already got it and read it and it is a good read. I accepted it graciously and did not say anything.

Tennis raquet, two balls, head band and wrist bands (sweat mopper upperers are useless to me. As soon as I start sweating, I will stop playing). R got the same.

R got a kite. A bloody big kite. This will be fun down the track.

O/S visitors bought us a dvd player. I think most Tebetins in yurts have a dvd player. We must be the last household in Australia to get one. Good for looking at photos on cds. Our only dvd was a gay movie, so we could not watch that, but I had some vcd movies to use to find how to work it. Sadly it does not play .wmv, .rm, or .mov.

But I am pleased to have the dvd player. I feel kinda modern. It is a nice shiny silver and very thin. Sansui. Our sound system used to be Sansui. I liked it but god help me if I want to find their web site.

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