Tuesday, December 20, 2005

HRH, hot or not

Expat Rolf Harris has painted a rather odd picture of our Head of State. Here it is, courtesty The Age. I much prefer to see her with a slightly annoyed pout, like when you see her at Ascot and her horse has lost a race.

It has been interesting talking to the o/s rels who hail from northern England. They are quite dismissive of the royal family and are convinced, and they say so are their peers, that Diana was killed on orders from the royal family. My surmation of their thoughts is that the royal family is just not relevant to them and their lives.

What does seem still relevant to them, is Margaret Thatcher. They still feel the pain of the time she ruled. They remember vividly the poll tax riots in their hitherto peaceful town, all brought back to them by the action on Sydney beaches. They remember her spite and vindictiveness towards the working person. They hate her so much, that her name must not be mentioned and the converstation is steered in other directions.

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