Friday, November 11, 2005

What I would not have seen

Two days sick leave and then a day off. Good lurk. I was really only unwell for one day. For a simple cold, it cost me twenty dollars for a sick leave certificate, so I thought I better make it two days to get my money's worth. The man repaired our oven today, so tonight we had a pie, chips and vegies tonight. When he was here and I asked him how come a neighbour with the same oven and the same problem, serviced by the same company had his restuck and we had to have a new one, our price $260 as against neighbours price of $170. I had some done shopping in Prahran and walked back through Fawkner Park with the jeep in tow. Ah, bike ride. Rode down Albert Road to the beach with a bit more confidence than yesterday. It would only take five minutes without obstructions observed by a cautious rider. So many traffic lights, so much waiting. Nice cup of coffee and a read of the Hun at the very empty Portebella?

I road out onto the Kerford Road pier for a bit, but not to the end as I did not want to distrurb the fisher folk. There were some bike rest/tie up/stand thingies near the caf. Huh, like anyone would want to steal the green and white Apollo.

This morning while I was telling the building manager that the bike room door needed some attention, another resident put it into words. The tongue plate needed some attention. I was pleased to learn that. Said resident asked why I ride a bike. I did not tell him that I was nearly a virgin bike fact I did not have an answer. I should have asked why he, who had a nice apartment in this building needed to have a holiday house at Safety Beach.

It is too far to walk to the beach from here. But it is not so far on a bike and I noticed rather a lot that I would never have seen from the motor. There was a new wooden seat along the way. I know about these chunky seats that were created from the timbers of something old in Port Melbourne. There was an almost unreadable plaque at the base of tree, commemorating when the Save Albert Park Group put a fence around the Grand Prix Office, complete with NO TRESPASSING sign. I saw some people and some residences. I was amazed to learn of the bike facilities on the road. I was gobsmacked at seeing what they are doing at the Sports and Aquatic Centre.

While on the ride home, I felt very calm and very relaxed. This bike thing is a very good at destressing. I suggest you give it go.

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