Sunday, November 13, 2005

Love Shack

It is only a guess, but I think Love Shack would have come out in the early eighties. Two years ago it was around this time of the year I suppose that we went to my niece's deb ball. It was all very nice and well done and one of the lads amused us by getting terribly drunk and forceably marched out. My brother intervened and he too was marched out. R intervened and cooled the whole situation.

Off track, sorry. After all the formal stuff, a dj started playing. Quite a few were dancing then something happened. The girls squealed and the boys faces lit up and there was suddenly a mass movement to the dance floor. Now keep in mind that this was 2003, but what dragged them all up on the dance floor? Yep, a twenty odd year old song, Love Shack.

They didn't just get up and dance. The dj pumped the music up and they went wild and many of the parents did too. Uncle just sat back in amazement. Some music really is timeless.

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