Thursday, November 03, 2005


I recently heard that a treatment for hayfever is to eat honey made locally, that is, in your area of town. It builds your resistance to local pollens that cause your hayfever reaction.

I used to suffer terribly from hayfever but sometime in the early nineties it pretty well disappeared. If I still suffered badly, I would give this honey eating idea a shot. It sounds quite plausible.

A couple of hours after hearing this, some electrical impulse shot from one side of brain to the other and I remembered that in the early nineties, I bought honey from a work mate. He lived only a couple of kilometres from my workplace and kept bees and made his own honey. Over a year or so, I guess we bought five jars. I got sick of it crystallizing and having to heat it in the microwave to clear it, so we stopped buying it.

The time roughly co-incided with the almost ceasing of my hayfever. While it is hardly proof of the theory, it would be well worth a try if you are a sufferer. Believe me, I know how bad it can be.


  1. Thomas11:29 pm

    Interesting idea about honey. Must give it a try.

    But I wonder if there might be another explanation. I developed horrendous hayfever as a teenager, and underwent all sorts of desensitization, which made things a good deal better, though it never cured it. The doctor said though it was common for people to grow out of their hayfever around the age of 40. I'm five years into my forties and the hayfever seems to be coming back big time. But perhaps you were one of the lucky ones.

  2. Ah well, it could have been the age reason too.