Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Good stuff

I was about to post another whinge about something but instead I will do something positive.

The country we live in is not too bad. It could be a lot better, but at least we can rail against our government and the authorities.

Put people in a car or on public transport, they can change their personality considerably. But outside of these pressure cookers, most Aussies aren't bad people and would rather help than not.

We have gorgeous food and eating places. Value for money, it would be hard to beat around the world.

We have more open spaces with nothing in them than perhaps anywhere else in the world. It is not a bad thing to have open spaces without man made stuff in them.

What ever sort of weather you like, you can find it in Australia, and in Melbourne, possibly find it all in a short space of time.

Some thoughtful people put a lot of care into infrastructure, building and architecture in the last couple of centuries. We hope this continues.

Our groomed parks are marvellous. Our ungroomed parks are pretty good too.

Personally, well I have a job that almost pays the bills (end of positives about job). I have a good family, an ok home, not many, but good freinds, a caring partner.

Life is good hey? Well, I have a cold and feel thoroughly miserable and writing that crap was no help at all. Sniff, sniff.

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