Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dear Johnny, Kimmie, Andy and Bobby

Chaps and chicks who govern us, please take note. While I fully understand that the most important thing to you is to be re-elected, you could be a little less offensive about it.

Yes, families are important and should be supported. But there is a very high percentage of those who vote for you are not a family in the sense that you use the term. I am sure that you really mean you want to make Australia safe for all of us and not just families. You seem to have gotten over the 'bush' word and I have not heard 'battler' for a while. About time to indicate that you are governing for all Australians, not just families. I am starting to find it quite offensive.

(PS Is forrest a good word to substitute for bush? Not in the above sense. We want a better deal for people in the forrest sounds creepy.)

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