Friday, November 04, 2005

Dallas Brookes Hall

The poor old thing is going to be pulled down. I am not greatly fond of sixties architecture, but I liked the old hall.

I only went there twice back in the early eighties. Once was to a rally organized by Friends of the ABC over, wait for it, budget cuts. A woman, intellectually superior to me, tried to pick me up at the drinks and nibbles afterwards. Quite attractive too she was. Maybe she had money? Maybe I made a big mistake in rejecting her invitation?

After my second visit to DB Hall I would probably have been locked up, not allowed to contact anyone, interrogated and an ASHIO (sic) file would be started on me if it was today.

It was a rally to support Fretilin, the terrorist organization in East Timor that was fighting for independence for East Timor.

I was a bit more politically active back then and I supported several terrorist organizations. I cannot now remember the names of them now. One was the anti apartheid Nelson Mandela organization in South Africa. It was quite clearly a terrorist organization. Another was in Nicaragua.

So, I was a supporter of overseas terrorist organizations and now I could be locked up for it. I hate you Howard and all you stand for and how you turned Australia into paranoid, screw the worker, ignore protocols and Westminster traditions, take from the poor and give to the rich bastard of a place. If there was anywhere better, I would emigrate.


  1. Interesting comment. If you were offered the chance to have a relationship with a billionaire female, would you do it? Reaping the rewards of said finances, of course.

  2. No. While I would like to think I would, I doubt I would get much satisfaction from having lots of money.

  3. I'd do it! (assuming she wasn't fat!)

  4. Please M!key, would I have mentioned it if she was fat? I will conceed she had a 'female figure', not a slim boyish figure. Money grubber you are :-P

  5. Can't deny it! :-P