Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bike Progress

I have had new tyres put on the recently aquired bicyle. I bought a tyre pump, a bell and a lock.
To get the wheels off to take them to the bike shop, I had to let one tyre down to get it past the brake calipers. The other was already flat.

So, with two new tyres, it should be ready to ride. Not quite. Putting the newly tyred wheels on while inflated required me to do something with the brake calipers. The most obvious was to loosen the cables. But I can recall, sometimes it is hard to get them set up correctly again. What I did was unscrew a part of the caliper. Mistake, although very educational. The back one was fine, but the front one sprung apart, and try as I might, I could not get it to go back correctly.

Bugger it. I will do it another day. I have already done too much today and I am weary and it is time for a pre dinner chard. As I started to wheel it out and back to the bike room, the chain fell off. I will get there, eventually.


  1. I'm looking into getting a bike too Andy. What did you get? What were you looking for and how much dya spend?

  2. I ended up with my brother's old bike, gratis. But I discovered you can get quite an ok bike for under $300. Perhaps not by M!keys standards though.

  3. That cheapie bike might not last so long... m!key standards are there for a reason!