Thursday, October 13, 2005

Why, oh why?

Why did I torture myself. I have just finished watching the worst movie I have ever seen. How did I get sucked into the beginning of it on Sunday night? Why did I bother taping the rest of it? Why did I waste so much time watching the rest of it over a couple of days? Why did I put up with five minutes of movie, five minutes of ads?

The movie was The Poseidon Adventure (2005). It was truly execrable. I just wished at had sunk straight away and they all drowned immediately and umpteen million dollars would not have been wasted and nor would my time.

I should have checked here first.


  1. And they couldn't even get a real Baldwin brother. Adam??!!

    (I know, I looked, he's not related)

  2. Gotta research this one Rob