Monday, October 31, 2005

Stay home mater

I object to paying for many things, but most I will wear. There are a couple I object strongly to.

One is publicly funded child care for families where both work. We seem to pay in both Federal and State tax and then council sticks it hand up as well. No, lady, stay home, bring your kids up properly. I have never heard so much nonsense as having children and then paying someone else to look after them. Why have them in the first place? If you really don't care enough about them to stay home, then why expect us to pay as well? If you have to work, then the bloke should stay home. A good flow on effect is that the price of property will drop and become more affordable for all. And if a mother spent a bit more time with her children, she may just not tolerate the appalling behaviour of some of them, and instill a bit of decentness into them.

I am not heartless enough to suggest that the poor ought not have decent housing, but bay views on Beaconsfield Parade and Upper Esplanade and Williamstown? Nah, it is not right that they occupy such expensive real estate. How many more people could be housed by selling these off.

Now why has City of Port Phillip building rooming houses for single men on prime Balaclava real estate? My rates at work in ways I don't like. Housing for the poor is State Government business, not council. Neither the state or federal governments are going to come with any money if the council starts doing it.

While I know some old people who did worry about where they would live and what would happen to them when they were old, I also know too many who just drifted and thought their wages were to spend and everything will be looked after for them when they are old.

The world and Australia has changed and sorry, but you are being driven away from the very expensive real estate that you occupy. It is a hard life, but it is also hard for people to go without when they are younger so that they do have something for their old age. Your lives of total self indulgence have consequences.

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  1. Hmmm, that rooming house has really ruined the friendly streetscape character of Woodstock Street... It'll be interesting if there's going to be groups of deros hanging around the front door to further lower the character? Who knows.