Sunday, October 09, 2005

Playing the racism/homophobia card

I expect playing the racism card could be quite effective. In my workplace I have seen it played to good effect. I played the homophobia card once. It was quite a long time ago when we lived in East Malvern, that middle class bible bashing stulifying suburb.

Our home loan needed some serious adjusting, so we went to the bank manager. We knew him and he was an ok bloke, but unfortunately on holidays when we visited. We had to see the assistant bank manager. He was quite young, immaculately groomed and dressed and had a very professional attitude. After some time he came back with an answer to our request. It was going to cost heaps. It was totally wrong and I was furious.

I wrote to the head office of the bank and a couple of days later, we had a phone call from the bank's area manager requesting that we meet him at the area headquarters in Burwood Road, Hawthorn. Some of you readers may have guessed that it was the ANZ bank and in Hawthorn they had a drive through bank. That was the area headquarters. The area manager was an older person, very pleasant and quickly sorted out the problem to our satisfaction.

So what did I put in the letter? I really can't remember very well, but it was something along the lines of 'I can't help but think that the banks offer was totally impractical and from there I am thinking that the bank has some issues when two males in a partnership apply for a loan or wish to alter their present loan.' Actually, I am sure that is not what I wrote. I think it was probably more subtle. But I did play the homophobic card to good effect. I am unsure if it was homophobia or just a stupid kid in the bank who had a bit too much power.

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