Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Don't Blame Me

All care and no responsibility. Somehow I have become involved in the Master Plan for Fawkner Park. While it is very worthy, I have done so for totally selfish reasons. I want the park to work better for me. I want the sporting fields rationalised, a paved western walkway, and a water feature. It is a ten year plan and you can find it buried somewhere on the City of Melbourne's website. The result will be a real improvement whether I have my way or not.

I am just waiting to be challenged as I am a City of Port Phillip resident and Fawkner Park is City of Melbourne, though I do live in Melbourne. As my street is the only street in Australia with it's own post code, one would think that it might have it's own name.

The confusion of where I live is difficult. If I wrote a letter to a newspaper and signed it as Andrew, Melbourne, straight away I am thought of as city resident. I am not. I takes me at least ten minutes to get to the city by the fastest means possible (which is probably a bicyle).

Yeah, I need a better address to locate me.

PS I have now received a copy of the proposed plan and I am not going to get a water feature, but possibly public art. The western walkway will be properly made and a mininmal rationalisation of sports fields will occur. There is some good stuff happening.........but over a long period.

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