Sunday, October 16, 2005


Some of you won't have ever had one and maybe you will have one soon. Maybe you have one now and have problems with it. I have had six different ones over twenty odd years and have used them pretty well daily, so I feel well qualified to offer some advice.

I can't find bullet points so I will just list as individual points as best I can.

Your dishwasher is not a miracle machine. If you have burnt something onto a pot, your d/w will not clean it.

Cheap detergent and rinse aid is a waste of your money. They don't give good results. If you remember the 'F' word, you won't go wrong. You really do get what you pay for.

Some things need rinsing off before they go in the dishwasher. Strarch and cereal. Rinse off the pot that you have cooked and mashed potato in and whatever you cooked rice in. Rinse off your cereal bowl.

Orange juice can be troublesome. Rinse those bits of fruit matter off.

Cooked on subtances need to be scrubbed off first, but if something is very greasy, don't worry, shove it in.

Otherwise, dirty plates, cups, glasses, vases, ceramic products, glass products, range hood metal parts, toothbrush holder, dog bowls and all cutlery and cooking tools..........if it is glass or ceramic and it will fit in, stick it in. If it is not dishwasher proof, get rid of it. If it is metal or plastic, think about it first. Plastic exhaust fan covers, no, no no.

When loading it, remember the direction from where the water sprays, that is the centre out, so at the back, stuff needs to face to the front and at the front, stuff needs to face towards the back.
Spooning is something you may do in bed with your partner, but it does not work in a dishwasher. Two spoons resting against each other facing the same way will not come clean.

Clean your filters often and dishwashers do get surprisingly dirty around the seals, so clean them too.

Your dishwasher will present your crockery and and glassware far better than you do by hand. Embrace it and love it.

(Just for you Danny)

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  1. Woo hoo! Great info, thanks. More-or-less in line with what I suspected.