Sunday, October 30, 2005

Daylight Saving

I really could not afford to lose an hour's sleep last night, but then even more time after work taken in reseting clocks.

Car X 2
Clock Radio X 2
Mobile Phones X 2
Organizers X 2
Answer Machine
Air Con
Sound System
Wall Clock
Mantle Clock
Electric Timer
PC, no just kidding. I used to think that the pc knowing when daylight saving started in Oz was a was quite a few years and pcs ago


  1. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Has the Productivity Commission every done a report on the economic waste of daylight saving due to the time spent clock fiddling.

    Let's assume 10 million clock owners (excl Qld, WA, NT) spends 10 min twice a year changing their clocks.

    That's 200 million minutes (or 3.3 million hours) wasted.

    Even using a low costing of peoples time ($10 per hour), that's a cost to the nation of $33 million to change the clocks backwards and forwards each year!


  2. I put my clock forward, and it fell off the shelf.

  3. And I thought you were good at balancing acts.


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