Sunday, September 04, 2005


25 per cent off Country Road towels at Myer. Sorry, bargain finished yesterday. You are too late. O/S rels are coming at the end of the year and we need more towels. $275 spent just on two and a half towel sets is astonishing. And that is after 25% off. I like nice towels. Ta Mr Mastercard but they better last a long time.


  1. Hmm.

    Bachelor signing in. I own 3 towels.

    1 was stolen from an ex-gf. Well, not stolen. Borrowed for some reason, and not returned after the break-up.

    The other 2 were purchased from K-Mart. $8 each, on special.


  2. R would probably say of your towels, that you could spit peas through them. The price was so high because of two bathrooms. So two towels, two bath mats, two hand towels, an extra bath mat and hand towel.