Saturday, September 17, 2005

Swanston Street

What an effing mess this street is. I know how Sydneysiders felt when their town was under public works seige before the Olympics.

There is work going on at Bourke Street, going on and on and on. They now seem to pulling up the work that they did a month ago.

Hoardings and scaffolds surroud St Pauls still after how many years? Was that a PTUA spokesperson being filmed nearby?

Flinders St Station seems to have been undergoing perpetual works, but it sure could do with either a clean or exterior coat of paint.

Hoardings around McDonalds have been removed. They should have boarded the place up.

My emailed complaint to the City Council regarding traffic and parking has gone unanswered, time to move to stage two, the telephone. It is like there are not any traffic rules or parking rules.

One could hope for a massive accident involving a horse carraige, a couple of taxis, a couple of Asian students in their cars, a large tram, two delivery vehicles, a tourist coach and several pedestrians who's minds are not tuned to what they are doing, crossing a street. Add in one of those little street cleaning machines that have to weave and duck around illegally parked vehicles. Now this massive pile up should occur right outside the town hall. Even then Mayor So would say, 'the street works well'.


  1. Yeah, I recorded a piece for RMIT/Channel 31 outside St Pauls at about 10:30am on Friday. Dunno when it'll air.

    I glanced down Swanston Street at one point on Friday afternoon, outside the town hall. There must have been 5-6 cars queued up at the lights. You wouldn't know it's meant to be car-free until 7pm.

  2. What does it mean when you say you are 4?

  3. In my profile? My age is forty something. Just saves me changing the text for the next 12 years.

  4. I get it, thanks!