Thursday, September 01, 2005

Spooks house

This building was in St Kilda Rd it is believed. It is also believed to have been the national headquarters of ASI O. I can't remember it. The house next to it seems familiar though. There looks to be some palm trees at the far end of the photo but I can't remember a time when cars parked nose to kerb in St Kilda Rd.

Years ago we had a couple of female friends and one of the them worked in the navy for the Defen ce Sign als Directorate. It was very hush, hush and she would not talk about her work at all. I know she worked somewhere in St Kilda Rd as I saw her there one day. Somewhere just north of Commercial Rd.

It is quite feasible that Defen ce Sign als Directorate and ASI O were in the same building.

Anything familiar in the picture to anyone? Btw, the text gaps are deliberate. If you think I am being paranoid, too bloody right.


  1. Anonymous10:42 am

    It was in a short street off St Kilda Rd extending up to Fawkner Park. I remember it well, it was certainly well known to be secur ity HQ, AS IO or A SIS (it's catching).

  2. Lol, thanks for that. Either Slater or Armadale St. Makes sense now.

  3. They're coming for you.

    Watch your back.