Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Securatis scarest

Our building's security has been upgraded. While in theory the body corp managing company could tell who came and went, their system was out of date and neglected. With a bit of an upgrade, it is all now in the control of our buildiing manager. We have had to register our remote controls and if we didn't do it, in a week or so time, the remote would no longer work. That is you would be unable to get into the building or move around it.

The building managers are at the foyer desk, asking people to identify themselves and recording their remote actions against a database of the number of their remote, their name and their apartment number.

There was an audience for a public performance, so I took advatage of it and all were amused. As I walked into the building after a walk and a latte I said, Andrew enters building, front door, apartment XXX 17.40. Much mirth. Building manager asked why did I go to the recycling room twice within ten minutes.

I did actually and the building manager was with me the first time. The second time, I wanted to ask him something and thought he might have still been there.

Big brother is watching and it is a bit scary.


  1. Interesting, check out my blog for my thoughts on stuff

  2. Hahaha! sucked in: is this your first comment spam Andrew?

    I know that you were really going back in to pick up those Womens Weekly's that someone had left in the waste paper, but you didn't want to take in front of the B.M.

  3. I have done that actually. I took papers down and saw a couple of glossys and brought them back up with the intention of flicking through them. It was quite a while ago and they sit there unflicked through. One Women's Weekly, one Woman's Day and one female Asia similar magazine. Bound to be some hot guy pics in them. Or perhaps a story on how a girl caught her boyfriend in bed with his best mate.

  4. I don't understand the spam reference.

  5. Isn't mr Priestysthoughts spam? Oh, I've just checked, he's not, but he has a very spammy way of attracting readers...

  6. Yes, I understand what you mean.