Monday, September 26, 2005

One year

It is the anniversary of my first blog post. That is, I have blogged for one year. I do not like the word blog and I like participants being referred to as bloggers even less. Ugly harsh words. But that is what we are and what we do.

I was not there at the beginning and came across blogging at at a mid point before everyone started doing it.

Just a little piece in The Age got me interested in blogs. It was a reference to Toxic Custard and the name appealed to me a lot. There were some things in this bloke's blog that I connected with. I read it and there was such a lot of his life and his day to day stuff that sounded interesting.

We have all had frustrating moments with technology and Mr Toxic Custard destroying his useless broken down vcr with his kiddies, including pictures (and videos?), really caught my attention and I have read it ever since.

I have come across some other people who have blogs via Mr Toxic Custard and of course other other sources. Thanks guys for letting me know a bit about you.

I have stressed a bit over archiving. Yes, it is all here in the blog, but will it be forever? Unlikely. I asked myself whether it is important to save it. Mixed feelings here. It is not great writing and is probably not of much interest to others in the future, but then if I randomly click on an earlier post, there is much that has slipped from memory and it is nice to be reminded of what occupied my mind six months ago or whenever. Jury is still out on whether it will be saved. I am only a month or so behind with it but the longer I procrastinate, the harder it will be.

Like my mother, I find writing stuff down quite therapeutic. It clears things from my head or sometimes clarifies questions in my mind. A letter from my mother will be never less than six pages of closely written script and I have saved them all.

As I approach an age where one loves wallowing in nostalgia, it is a bit sad that more people my age don't blog. Most of my personal friends have a computer and use the net to greater or lesser degrees. Only one that I know of reads my blog and I am not sure if she still does. None blog.

I look at some blogs and a fairly minimal post can generate twenty comments. Why doesn't mine? Well, I don't go out of my way to promote it. People my age did not grow up with computers and have a different attitude to them. As you age, the number of friends and contacts drop off. Most bloggers are mid thirties down. What I write possibly doesn't interest them. Perhaps it is that I come across as too cynical and unfriendly or smart arse know it all. And, if you want people to read your blog and comment, you are obliged to read theirs and comment. Oddly the more work I put into a post, the less the response generally. Excuses and reasons aside, it could just be that my blog is boring and uninteresting.

A friend who did read my blog early in piece said that she was surprised to learn so much about me and the way I think. I pointed out that in a way blogs are art. It is a public performance. While of course you let bits of yourself out in blog posts, you do have total editorial control. You only tell what you want people to know. An auto biography is invariably very different to a biography written by someone else. So, I would never judge anyone by their blog, no matter how well I though I knew them from their blog.

No matter, I will persist with blogging for some time yet. No praise, sympathy or advice required. (See what I mean? I write that, but of course anyone would want praise, sympathy or advice)


  1. Blogging comments do seem to be a very 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' arrangement andrew. I've had a few discussions that also came to the conclusion that the crappest posts garner the most attention, while a post that is lengthy, in-depth and thoughful never seems to receive much attention.

  2. Congrats on your first year! I've been reading for a while, I came over from Diary of an Average Australian, previously known as Toxic Custard.

    So that's interesting that your inspiration for blogging has garnered you a reader.

    And that's what I am, just a reader. It's something I do daily now. I have no real interest to write one myself. I read blogs of my family members and some of their friends who I have now met.

    It's an interesting community.

  3. Thanks M!key and Rob.

  4. Oh, and I should also say congratulations on reaching your first annual milestone andrew, I've still got a while to got before I hit the big threesixfive days.

    You are quite a prolific poster and always have something interesting to say, which is why I keep dropping by. Keep it up.