Sunday, September 04, 2005

I don't have much gas

Petrol is very expensive and I need some. When I am not working, I don't use my car but when I am, I need petrol about every third week. The last time I filled up, the dial went to $50. This time it will be $60 I think. Although I always do this stupid supermarket docket discount thing, it must be starting to be a significant dollar discount. When having lunch with a friend on Friday, she asked me if I knew exactly why it was so expensive and about OPEC. I muttered something about China, supply and demand, it is private business and they will make as much money as they can.

But really, I did not have the answers and promised her a reasonable answer next time we meet. If you can put it in a few words, I would be grateful. Otherwise, I guess I need to do a little net searching and reading.

Edited 13.19 05.09.05: What nonsense. Fingers going faster than brain. Of course the fuel docket discount does not alter. It is 4 cents per litre, not 4 per cent.

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  1. The very quick and simplistic answer is: Oil is running out and getting more expensive to find/produce, and demand is increasing.