Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Good work

Twenty five years of collecting recipes has become out of control. The book is has fallen apart, sticky tape has yellowed, hardened and failed. Time to do something, so I did. I salvaged the existing book and made a new cover, restuck recipes that had become detached and filled two and a half more scrap books with what was stuffed inside the old one. It was only a few hours out of my life, spread over a couple of days. I quickly went through a glue stick and so bought some Clag. What double entendres we used to make about Clag at school. It no longer comes in a glass jar with a wooden stick with the brush fibres. It is all plastic and nor does it smell like it used to. If fact it is not as good, but it sufficed.

I rarely cook, but even so, only about twenty per cent of the recipes would have been made. But you criticize the cook at your peril. I would not dare lest I starve to death.


  1. Somehow I think it happens to all the recipe collections and cookbooks. They might not be heavily used, but they are being used for a really long time - years... You don't change the cookbook if the meals are good ;)

  2. Indeed. I have on that was my grandmothers and I consult it from time to time.