Thursday, September 01, 2005

Folk are odd and I locked myself out

There is woman who lives in our building. She owns a quite modest flat at the back of the building with a very nice view of the black glass building behind and our recreational facilities. At a guess she is around fifty, always well groomed and has a slightly theatrical appearance. I always thought she was interesting as once I spied a bottle of whisky and a carton of ciggies in her shopping bag. She always attends the building's AGM and one time I even thought of inviting her to nominate for the body corp committee. I am pleased I did not. Read on.

A few weeks ago she locked herself out of her flat. I did that once and no phone or wallet in my hand. What I should have done was caught a taxi to R's workplace, $40, driven his car home, opened up, gone back and picked him up, petrol and citylink toll another $10. Total $50. This is what you would do if you were thinking logically and not a state of panic. Instead I bothered a neighbour, looked in their phone book, called a locksmith who could not pick the very superior lock and had to drill the lock out, replace the barrel and return the next day and key the lock and change the face back to chrome. Cost $110.

It was night time and she knocked on the building managers door. He said he could not do anything apart from giving her a locksmith phone number. She had no money she said. After some time, he offered her $100 which she took and a locksmith came and opened her door. You probably have worked out where this is going. Yep, she has not repaid the money and has been avoiding the building manager.

If someone was so generous to me, and I would have to be very, very desperate to ask, I would go without food to repay them. Am I out of step with the world or is she?


  1. Punch her in the ovaries.

    Then kill her.

  2. I think hers are dead.