Friday, September 16, 2005

The bicycle saga goes on

When recently in Moonee Ponds, I dragged R into a Puckle Street bicycle store for a bit of self education. I learnt some stuff. Last evening I dragged R off to a Kingsway bike shop for a look. I bribed him with the promise of soy decaf latte (just kidding, but I do have a friend who drinks that) at the Royal Domain.

I looked at several bikes, including a couple of second hand ones. M!key is somewhat of an expert in this area and has provided invaluable advice.

The young salesperson was very helpful and not unattractive and as he was blonde, R was smitten. He was smart too. He picked his customers well. Did that bike really need lifting off it's ceiling hook and being given a cursory glance then hung back up? Of course it did, otherwise he could not have his short tee rise up to expose his smooth, hard, tanned abs with just a trace of the bush above his shorts that sat much higher than the very low waist band of his jeans.

Yeah honey, I am impressed but seen it all before. It is not going to make a sale.

He asked what use I had in mind for a bike. Now this is where it gets hard. While I want one, I want many things. I may just be over it in a couple of weeks and own a bike I never use. So the first words to him were, so that there was really no misunderstanding, 'something cheap'. I then responded to him that it may get a couple of hours use a week, on the flat local area. He said the old year's model was about to 'run out' so there were some with twenty per cent off.

I can't recall the type of bike he suggested, but it sounded appropriate for me. It was not a mountain nor a racing variety. I will call it a town bike, some of you may call it a wuss bike. It was a nice colour. It had brakes and gears and stuff. My only question was where is the pump? Other extras will be the helmet and lock. R offered to buy the extras for my approaching birthday.

Still thinking about it but I will decide soon. I haven't ridden a bike since 1974 so look out for me wobbling around Albert Park Lake or possibly mixing it with the swans in Albert Park Lake once I stop prevaricating.


  1. Ummm which bike shop was that to look at the cute guy....ooops umm to see the bikes?

  2. I don't know the name SJ but it is Kingsway corner Park St.

  3. Bike Now is the store. Got get your fix William.

    Buy a Mountain Bike Andrew!

    You could have been chatting to Llew, or maybe it was Jarrad if he had longish shaggy hair?

  4. Jarrad I guess. Advice noted
    M!key but I may give you a future opportunity to say, 'well, I told you so'.

  5. He's gunning for Commonwealth Games selection in Mountain Bikes for next year. (If you'd have seen his legs, you would have creamed your pants!) hahahaha.

  6. I have known a few cyclists thighs quite well and they vary from thick and solid to very lean and muscular. I prefer the latter. I am guessing he is the former or perhaps in between. Regardless, I would do him.

  7. Erm, you may be in luck with your latter desriptor: Cut-as. The bastard.