Saturday, August 27, 2005

Yahoo and Tripod botheration

For many years I have run a yahoo group. It is popular and while there is not a lot I do right in life, I run this group as a very tight ship. No spam, no nasty words and a good group of contributors. It would seem yahoo has closed my group down. Well, they did that once before and I recovered, but they have made it harder this time by deleting my email address as well as the deleting the group. Last time they just locked me out of the group. But I had appointed other moderators, so they could put up a message steering people to the new group.

I am not sure that have the energy or interest to do it again. It was fun but perhaps just a bit of history now.

That is not the end of pc/net woes. Today after innocently opening a web page that had some details of two Sydney tram routes, a pop up invited me to install win fixer 2005. I closed it. Firewall asked permission, I said no. It then installed a desktop shortcut and an icon on the right of the task bar. Every restart of the pc, these would reappear. I ran my ad aware program, two different syp bot programs. Nothing would remove it. I cleared caches, temp folders, cookies, ran msconfig/ start up. Still there. Typed it into google and plenty of info there, but too complicated and nothing gauranteed to remove it.

Last resort, install it and hope it comes with an uninstall program or at least shows in windows uninstall. Yep, that worked. Last time I open a Tripod hosted web site.

All that before 9.30 in the morning.

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