Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sunset Boulevarde

Military precision because of our friends working until 5.30.

6.05, order pizza

6.15, buy them tram tickets at the 711.

6.18, collect pizza.

6.20, friends arrive.

6.25, pour drinks.

6.30, sit to eat pizza.

7.05, leave home

7.13, catch tram to Arts Centre

7.20, arrive at Arts Centre

7.25, seated

7.30, Sunset Boulevarde starts

It was a great show. David Campell, son of Jimmy Barnes of Cold Chisel is it? was fantastic as was Judi Conelli as Norma Desmond. The first half was ok, the second half wonderful. During the second half, I forgot about how uncomfortable the seats are at the State Theatre. We actually saw several people we know........well 1/3 of the audience was gay, so the odds were good.

Patron Jeannie Pratt is very short, but had good presence in her mink. I didn't see her out the front having a fag or swilling a champers at the bar. There must be a VIP area.

The State Theatre really is lovely, but they must do something about the uncomfortable seats, but please don't consult Qantas.

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