Saturday, August 06, 2005

The shredder

It was not my idea to buy a paper shredder. I am not hung up on privacy in some ways. I don't care who sees the few cents in my bank account etc etc.

But a paper shredder we have and it is great fun to shove paper into it.

Over the last maybe five days, we have filled it. All those glossy ads that come with bills have gone in, the envelopes, bits of note paper, atm receipts when I have done with them. Yep, I really like the shredder.

Best part is that all these bits of paper used to go into the rubbish bin and hence land fill, now they go down the 'paper recyling chute' and may turn up back in our home as a cereal box.

That has got to be good. But I must say, I am astonsished at the quantity of what used to go in the bin that is now recyled. Truly amazing.


  1. Anonymous2:15 pm

    We have a paper shredder at work and I enjoy shoving paper into it at the end of the week. Until, of course, a staple gets jammed into it or it stalls because I've eagerly put too many pages through at once.

    And for some reason it only works in reverse - so I have to turn it upside down in order to use it.

  2. Yep, great fun. Staples don't seem to bother ours. Ours has a reverse feature for when there is a paper jam, perhaps your work one just is not working in the forward position. Turning it upside down sounds messy.