Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Muslims in Oz

I don't think much of the Muslim religion, it seems too strict to me, too prescriptive and it certainly seems to attract zealots and folk with unreasonable passion. I think the women covering their heads, or even worse, is a bit creepy.

But I can live with all that. Not my business.

But I learnt something last night. Woman can't have physical contact with a male. (Does it make a difference if he is gay and he thinks her husband is hot?)

So, you cannot shake hands with a Moslem woman. Yeah, well, when I was growning up, women only ever shook hands with other women, not with men. That has changed up to a point. Seems to be done in professional circles.

But what truly scared me was the giving of change in a shop. It never occured to me. No doubt Moslem women make an effort to be served by women in shops, but at times it must be unavoidable, maybe at a service station, somewhere I am sure. No physical contact with men, that includes touching when giving change.

Yet, I have known quite a few Muslim guys, a couple intimately. While I think their surgeons may have been a bit too severe with their knives, they behaved like any other male. Although unfortunately the body builder/wrestler one, I only met just before Ramadam, so that went nowhere, as I was onto something else by the time that had passed.

I am afraid I will remain suspicious and uncomfortable around obvious Moslem women. I wish I could be more tolerant, but I cannot.

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