Sunday, August 21, 2005

Melbourne Bus Link

Some time ago, I emailed Melbourne Bus Link suggesting that they publish at the least an online timetable for the 216, 219 and 220 routes that would cover the common part of the routes that these buses cover. You know, if I want to catch a bus at night or Sunday from the City to St Kilda Rd, I don't want to have wait for too long and it takes forever to check the three different timetables. The common part of the route is from the top of the city to Williams Road in Prahran. I received a pleasant email back from someone at MBL who thought it was a good idea and he would pass the info on to Metlink who publish the online timetable.

I did not trust his words, so I separetaly emailed MetLink this week, and they must have forwarded it on to MBL. I received an email from MBL thanking me for the suggestion of a great idea and wondering why they had not thought of it and would pass it on to Metlink for discussion.

I don't think I am going to get anywhere with this one. Perhaps I will just get hard copies of the timetables.

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