Friday, August 19, 2005

Emails sent

Here is a selection of emails sent from the last couple of weeks that I have sent. Email makes life much easier for chronic complainers like me. But they are not as effective as a written letter.

One to city of Melbourne re parking and traffic in Swanston Street, no response.

One to City of Port Phillip regarding parking in Queens Lane, given a reference number

One to City of Port Phillip notifying that our building received copies of their newsletter, Divercity, I am on a response list.

One to a US DVD company requesting information, no response.

One to company in UK to ask what the extra buttons on our intercom system are for, amazingly a response in a few minutes. The extra buttons are blanks.

One to Yahoo complaining about their poor service, they never respond.

One to ABC Melbourne's Virginia Trioli wishing her well in Sydney, unlikely to get a response.

One to our building manager's wife with a funny picture attached, she returned the mail with a pps file with some Bin Laden humour.

One to friends wishing them bon voyage as they head o/s, I also called them on the phone.

One to a body corp commit member wondering what is being done about the tennis court fence, a response, but vague.

One to our accommodation in Darwin suggesting they get rid of so many apartments with adjoining doors and also complimenting them otherwise, no response.

One to a St Kilda Rd resident to ask what progress he has made in his campaign to severely reduce signage in St Kilda Rd, no response as yet.

One to my brother with two pictures of hotels in some country town to ask him which hotel his friend owns, I just realised I forgot to include the pics, no wonder no response.

One to a friend in Japan with a description of how the 60th anniversary of how the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was covered by the media here and wishing her happy camping at the seaside with a friend.

One to Metlink suggesting they also publish a combined timetable for the St Kilda Road Melbourne Bus Links routes, yes self interest here. This is an interesting one and I will make a separate blog post about it

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