Thursday, August 25, 2005

Drivers, Racist, ageist, sexist

The subject line warned you. Read no further, lest you be offended.

I spend a lot more time driving than I would like to. But I do notice things. While anecdotal I suppose, this comes from a very long period of observing and being affected by how motorists drive their vehicles and of course there are exceptions but I stand by my observations.

Best Drivers: Young Aussie males. There seem aware of everything around them and have a good idea of the impact their driving has on other vehicles and they concentrate. They do silly stuff at times, but it is rare for them to inconvenience another driver.

Most Frightening: Young Aussie females. Aggressive, maybe ok at steering but insulated from everything. They are too busy chatting on their phone and putting on lipstick and quite oblivious to the world around them. They may answer to a question, 'What other vehicles on the road. I did not notice any.' Not do they notice pedestrians as they push through them. When Helen Ready sang 'I am woman, hear me strong', I don't think it gave the girls such a license to drive so badly and inconsiderately.

Most Frustrating: Young Asian females. So careful, so frightened, brake if a leaf rustles on a tree. Yes, driving is a priveledge, but you need to excersise it and actually drive. There is a pedal on the right, the accelerator. Give it a moderate push when the lights go green.

Most Arrogant: Live in Malvern, Hawthorn, Kew and Camberwell. Mostly drive 4wd or Euro cars. Very aggressive driving to the point where sometimes they are dangerous to life and limb of other road uses. The law is the only thing that stops them driving over the top of other cars, but that is about all it stops them doing. They can also be among the very distracted if they are blonde and female and have just picked up their kiddies from their private schools.

Most Shake Your Head and Wonder: Jews in the Caulfied/Balaclava area. I would not say they are dangerous as they are quite predictable. See the full beard or the scarf over the head and be alert. Sadly, this describes many of the younger ones. The older ones are such incompetent drivers, they should have their licenses taken away. What paper work for the police if they ever chose to drive along Carlisle Street. They don't.

Old: Mixed here, some are ok, some are not and some improvement as many older women have driven all their lives now.

Generally: Asian and Jewish and old are very frustrating motorists but rarely dangerous. 4wd folk are the sort of people who make communism look attractive, but if you see a young blond female with a P plate, turn off the road and get away from her.


  1. I concur on all of these points.

    The Jews simply cannot drive. And they are arrogant fuckers as well. No respect for other road users at all. They do what they want to do, and be fucked if it inconveniences you.

    Young Females are very aggressive drivers. Males tend to do more stupid stuff, but there is some level of "understanding" I guess between them and you. Females just HAVE to be in before you, cos they have vaginas.

  2. andrew, you are so right on all those points.

    Driving along Balaclava Road is the most fucking irritating experience, especially on a Saturday evening. It's an incompetance free-for-all down here. Thank christ I ride a bike round here most of the time and don't have to worry about being held up by these skullcapped freaks.

    You know what really shits me about 4WD's? The fact that when you are driving behind one, you can't see what is going on ahead. Unsafe for all.

    I have just has the displeasure of driving from Lysterfiled to Northcote this afternoon to drop a friend off after a great trail ride, and the amount of people NOT doing the speed limit was diabolical. It drove me batty, especially those in the right hand lane. Selfish fuckers

    I'm sure I'll think of more, but maybe I should blog it myself...