Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dredging the bay

Reporter: “Minister, the penguins have disappeared, there has not been a fish caught for months, the whales no longer go past the rip entrance, the sea grass beds have died, the coral is almost dead and all the cruise boat operators are bankrupt. How did it go so wrong when your government gave us an assurance that it would not?”

Minister: “Well Maxine, we did exhaustive studies, environmental impact statements and research. I guess there are always unpredictable factors that the government cannot possibly foresee. I will just say this, we will be reviewing our contract with the company concerned and there maybe reparations to be made.”

Reporter: “Minister, do you have anything to say to those who protested against the dredging of the bay to give access to super sized ships?”

Minister: “We as a government will always respect the right of people to protest, however misguided they may be. In this case they were completely wrong, but their right to protest is sacrosanct.”

Reporter: “Minister, how can you say that in the light of what has happened to the bay?”

Minister: “Maxine, are you suggesting that people should not be allowed to protest? We acted in good faith and did exhaustive studies and environmental impact studies.”

Reporter: “Thanks for your time Minister.”

Minister: “Pleasure Maxine.”

I truly hope this bit of silly writing is just that. I am concerned and feel that we should err on the side of caution.

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